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Currently working to load portfolios for architecture design ranging from Classical  to  a homogeneous merging of 2 cultural styles, and 





fine arts, particularly Narrative Facades

I find making little videos show the process of creating.

Inspired by Marc Chagall and the idea of art as an imprint of a point in time, not captured as a photograph.
A facade is an architectural term to mean one that is placed in front to protect or an outward appearance that is maintained to conceal a less pleasant or creditable reality.
A narrative is a form of storytelling.
Together, a narrative and a facade creates a discourse in satire, where interpretation is subject to an individual’s personal journey or past experiences.
The narrative facades are “escapes” for the viewer’s possible emotions of various encounters, as one traverses in a colorful life, to explore and then leave behind again.
The facades are non-jarring and simple to view, painted from the onset to be non-intrusive; yet communicate – a witness or truth to a hidden part of one’s emotions, which words alone may not say.